It looks like you’ve stumbled upon a new kind of creative agency! Modern, rock solid, clean, and multipurpose, with a basis in smart design and marketing. So stick around, you might just find what you’re looking for here.

Modern & Smart is a small but sturdy creative studio delivering beautiful and honest visual narrative. The concepts we craft develop out of our mix of research, process, creative flair, and ambition towards a high standard.

We serve startups, businesses that want outside consultation on branding, or businesses that don’t have a high volume for an in-house designer. We know you need full-time service hours and designers that are passionate about your project. Modern & Smart is just as much a philosophy as it is a company. We make modern and intelligent design and marketing and we work with the best consultants in the area. In addition to technical expertise, our team has talent and creative thinking as well as a smashing portfolio.

We saw a need in our headquarters of Huntsville, Alabama for our style and philosophy and we have a passion for growing local business and creativity. But soon we were signing clients all over the country – and we love learning about each of our clients and how they impact their community. With technology, we are available by phone, video chat, and even in-person travel.

We specialize in working strategically across platforms to translate a shared vision into concise, original branding. You won't find stock graphics or half-baked ideas. We take pride in our work and continue to refine our knowledge, skills, and tools we have to bring you the best.

We enjoy working with organizations and individuals who are working in the areas of art and culture, nonprofits, social connectivity, delight and change. The most valuable returns on our investment in clients are the relationships which emerge from solving real challenges and getting to know real people. We are here to support you.

We are your creative champions.



Tarra has a BFA in Graphic Design. She’s an expert at helping start-ups and businesses with branding – the voice, name, visuals, and name of your business! She can also help you with graphics, user experience, app design, advertising and social media marketing.


Cherrine has a B.S. in Digital Media from the University of North Alabama and a passion for photography & alternative photography process. A natural at social media marketing/PR, she loves film, vintage cameras, intricate architecture, tea, cooking, trying foods and drinks from different cultures, gardening, and hiking.