We have classes for entrepreneurs, people looking for an intensive introduction to branding, corporate PR or social media trainings, or just a relaxing hand-lettering module.

We also have classes for aspiring creative professionals. If you are just entering the workforce, looking for some classes to supplement your education, or you are looking to indie educate, we have just the classes for creative professionals: from designers to illustrators, web devs to crafty entrepreneurs.

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This is a sample of classes to come, as we see need for topics we will change our offerings to meet demand.

Fun Classes:

The Art of the Selfie
DIY photo studio

Creative Business Classes:

Creative Brainstorming: Your Brand
Creative Entrepreneurship: Identifying the Steps to Creating Your Dream Job
Brand Workshop Weekend Intensive
Wordpress Basics
Wordpress Intermediate
Wordpress Ecommerce
PR for Business
Social Media Interaction Management
Social Media Content Strategy
Social Media Content Generation
Writing Your Brand Story
Blogging for Optimal SEO and Engagement
WordPress Bundle: WordPress Basics walking you step by step through putting your content into your site, bundled with hosting for a year and a simple customized theme.

Creative Professional Classes:

Brand Basic Training
Typography I
Typography II
Professional Practice
Freelancer Practice
Social Media Management for Clients
PR and Promotions
Research Workshop
Portfolio Building Intensive
Traditional Techniques and New Tech
App Design Overview
Design Thinking
User Experience Overview
SEO of Design and Branding
Branding – Total ID from Name Strategy to ID
Self-Branding and Promotion for Creative Students
Small Group Mentorship

Sample Class Outline:
Self-Branding and Promotion for Creative Students

This class is perfect for students that have existing knowledge in Adobe products but would like to learn the methodology behind successful branding.  As an exercise, you will self brand (or re-brand) and put together an online portfolio.  This is ideal for students who do not have current branding or would like to start freelancing.  (If you are not a graphic designer but would like to learn to self promote and market yourself online, you may explore utilizing one of our interns or designers to assist you.)

This is a very fast paced class.  It is limited to 8 students and portfolio samples are required for admittance.

Week 1 – Brand theory overview, self branding, overview of brand voice, branding exercises, audience targeting, and resources.

Week 2 – Creative Briefs, mood boards, color theory, and graphic elements, sketch/rough review.

Week 3 – Presentation of logo and branding assets, review and critique of finished logos.

Week 4 – Complete presentation, social media platform overview, mockups, overview of social media voice and application.

Week 5 – Social media content generation strategy for artists and creative professionals, how to network, selling globally, professional practice teaser.

Week 6 – Presentation of social platforms, online portfolios, project summaries, lessons learned.